the idea

We developed a fun and easy to use application that allows you to design your very own handbag. Check out the video below to catch a first glimpse!

how it works

The Make-a-Bag App is your tool to bring your ideas to life. With its clean interface, you’ll find yourself immersed into a world of opportunity. In addition, the user-intuitive tools and features make designing your new bag as easy as ever before! We offer full support and compatibility for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.


Create your handbag with
the Make-a-Bag app.


We produce your bag with
the highest quality standards.


Enjoy quick and hassle-free delivery
right to your doorstep.


A wealth of design options awaits you. Select and change any of the preset templates to make your very own ideal bag!

Bag types

Choose from a selection of around 150 handbag designs as a starting point for your creation. We cover nine popular handbag categories including Tote, Backpack, Bucket, Cross-body, Clutch, Duffel, Satchel, Shopper, and Hobo. Trust us, we’ve got all of your bases covered.


We offer a massive range of materials for you to work with like synthetic leather, real leather, denim, and lots of woven and other fabrics. For each of them, there are different surfaces, styles, and colors available, which can even be mixed and matched in a single handbag! We only use materials of the highest quality.

Handles and straps

So, what’s the secret highlight of every bag? Handles and straps! Why not make them stand out and adjust them the way you want? Choose from a wide selection of styles and then design them with beautiful colors or patterns.

Colors, images and patterns - inside and outside

Choose an image or pattern from our library or upload one from your device - it is entirely up to you! Multiple images are possible, and you can add your pictures or patterns all over the bag – outside, as well as inside.

Personalized texts

A variety of fonts and colors await you for personalized messages. Our powerful tool will help you to create nicely styled words or complete texts. For an extraordinary feel, you might even want to add embossed letters.

...and so much more!

Not enough options yet? Don't worry, there is more to adjust: edge and seam colors, inside or outside pockets, zippers, metal component colors, and so much more.

Our Mission

With Make-a-Bag, you can’t go wrong. We are constantly striving for the perfect combination of an easy to use app that provides you with an unlimited range of options and a cutting-edge production facility for the highest quality products.

Personalized Handbags…

The star designer of the handbag is you! The focus of our project is your own individual style.

…created in a cool app…

Designing your bag is easy and fun! Feel free to play around, get creative, and enjoy endless possibilities!

…made in highest quality!

When ordering with Make-a-Bag, you will receive a premium handbag. Our experienced master handbag makers only use the finest materials.

Who we are

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, bag, and web designers, as well as highly skilled handbag craftsmen. Together, we combine countless years of experience in the industry. We have been working on Make-a-Bag for over two years, and we created a completely unique experience to bring individualized handbags to life.

Fun usability on all devices

While planning the app, it was of particular importance to us that using it would be an enjoyable experience for you, regardless of your device. You'll be able to use the app on any system that you like: iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.